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The library is open 10 periods each day unless otherwise noted. The library is able to accomodate twenty students, periods 1 - 9, to work on assignments, find a book, and get academic or technology help.  After school Game Days, Monday and Thursday, the library is able to accomodate twenty-five students. 


In order to visit the library, students must:

  1. Students must locate the column for the day of the week that they want to come to the library.

  2. Next, students must click the period that they want to come to the library, fill out and submit the form that appears.

  3. Students may visit the library during 1 study hall period per day.


Teachers sending students to the library for testing or research are asked to call the library to ensure (1) that a library staff member is available to supervise the student and (2) that any needed technology is available.

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