• Mary Klucznik

The Keeper of the "Keys"

I married this last name. I had to learn how to write a cursive "z" when I first started signing my new name and it did not come easy. I had been Mary Kay Harrigan for so long! I looked forward to people asking, "as in Mary Kay cosmetics" and "like the song?" as soon as I introduced myself. It was unique and special. When I married I eliminated Mary Kay and went straight to Mary Klucznik because it felt like people might stumble with the spelling of my newly acquired last name.

After I married, I learned that Klucznik means, "keeper of the keys" and that this meant that the Klucznik predecessors were the keepers of the gate in walled towns. It wasn't a song but it was definitely something for me to grab ahold of, just like the brass ring on a merry-go-round. So, I've dubbed my blog KEY with the hope of providing key information, tools, insight and perhaps even some order to the array of media that is available to my readers. Enjoy!

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