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Google Drawings: It's not the drag I thought it would be!

I always believed that Google Drawings was intended for those in the art world. Little did I know that I could actually find a use for it. I set out to discover an application that I could use with teachers and "found" magnetic poetry. I know, magnetic poetry is not a new concept and it's even been around the web for quite some time but it's new to me.

The first site I landed on is Control Alt Achieve by Eric Curts. He provides a written explanation and a short 6 minute tutorial which I've shared (after all, why recreate the wheel).

I watched it and thought, I can do this! So, rather than use the template I tried to create my own template for a project to use with an ELA class. I learned that Google Drawings has all the same functionality as the other parts of G-suite (text boxes, borders, moving boxes and inserting images, etc). However the part that I got stuck on is being able to download the completed poem without the "work area."

Would I use this? Absolutely! Do I have to figure out how to download the completed project, yes but it isn't impossible. My rating: 85/100.

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