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Flipped Out!

This week's assignment in my online in-service class is video creation. The instructor highlighted six different tools! I have used several of them and tried one of them for this week's project. It is called Loom. It is a free google chrome extension. Here's what I like about it:

  • It's easy! You can start recording quickly

  • Editing is straightforward

  • Videos can be password protected

  • Plays nice with google classroom

I typically use quicktime video or screencastify. The types of videos I usually prepare are quick and off the cuff which suits me fine. I believe it shows the viewer that it's okay to try and fail versus not trying something at all. However, I can definitely see the advantage of preparing a more polished video for teaching! I well conceived product will give the viewer confidence. Here's the video I did for class.

I truly believe every teacher should have a professional email signature. We communicate with so many people and it's important for those people to be able to respond or find us in ways other than replying to an email. For instance this blog would give the reader a chance to learn more about me and help put a face to the real Mary Klucznik. ;)

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