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Feeling Like Andy Warhol

I decided to do a more indepth exploration of Canva which is my favorite online graphic design tool. I think my Canva designs add value to any project and look professional. My primary use has been to create posters, announcements, and newsletters. When I stepped back and looked a little harder I realized that it can help me do so much more.

In my research I learned that Canva can be used to create animations and videos. when I start something new I usually watch a video and this one, created by Canva, was outstanding (except I did have to slow the speed down because he talked so fast). I search tutorials that are current and relatively short, that way I'm confident that the features I'm looking for are still available and I'll stay tuned long enough to watch the entire video. ;)

From the video I learned that Canva offers / allows:

  • Includes a library of: quotes pages, videos and music that are ALL COPYRIGHT COMPLIANT!

  • Text over video.

  • Sharing is easy! Directly to social media, downloaded, embedded in a website, directly to google classroom, and a view only link.

I also picked up some great design tips to make my work stand out: using a transparent square, adding effects to lettering to make them stand out, adding a "call to action" to start a conversation, using the copy style feature (which always confuses me).

Finally, I checked out Canva's help pages after getting an error message the first, second and third time I tried to download my project! I walked through the steps to resolve any errors and learned that sometimes the file needs to be saved manually for changes to update. Like most tools, a simple File --> Save was all I needed to do.

You might be wondering, will she actually use this? Yes, yes, and yes! Although I can create some of this using other tools it's the design features and tutorials that actually stand out for me.

My rating for Canva remains the same as my earlier review simply because it does take time to discover the features and design principles.

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