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Ask Me a Question (and I'll tell you the truth!)

The phrase, "Ask me a question and I'll tell you no lies" actually means I cannot give you a true or accurate answer; therefore, do not ask me that question but in this case that's exactly what we are looking for! The tool I'm reviewing is a feature in Google Classroom. It is under the Classroom tab.

The create a question is a tool that can be used for formative assessments, as a quiz, and as a tool for students to share and exchange information. I really like this feature because it's already part of a platform that we currently use and are heavily invested in. There are no pricing or Ed Law 2D concerns, it can be used across platforms and devices.

Some of the most effective ways to use it are:

  • exit ticket

  • wait time (teacher can determine the pacing of the lesson, too fast/too slow)

  • learners can share resources (I'm really jazzed about this and see lots of applications in the library and classroom)

  • multiple choice and polls


Concept 25/25

Usability 25/25

Graphics 0/25

Fun Level 0/25

Total 50/100

I know the score isn't great but I still support it as a useful tool. It doesn't have to be smoke and mirrors all the time to be fun.

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